Crestwood Missouri House Sale

Cheryl was very patient and accommodating during our extended home search. She asked all the right questions to help us zero in on what mattered to us most for our new home. She gladly provided market comps, and she had great observations about elements that would impact each home’s market value. Although some agents are concerned most about making the sale, she wasn’t afraid to tell us “this is NOT the house for you.” She does a great job of explaining all of the technical jargon related to buying and selling a home. She went the extra mile in helping us obtain estimates for the work we needed done to both get our old house ready for market and our new house ready to occupy. She’s not afraid to ‘be a pest’ when needed and follow up with other agents about pending offers. In fact, she kept the whole process on track – making sure all of the key players in the transaction, including me, did their part to ensure both closings were completed on time