Chesterfield Mo – Real Estate Agent Review

I have worked with a number of realtors when I have relocated. Ms. Keathley was outstanding in her work on my behalf and was in another class from those realtors with whom I have worked with. She is a lifelong resident of the area and, as a result, has a tremendous fund of knowledge about the neighborhoods and the local resources. She took the time to drive me to a number of neighborhoods in several towns 3 months before I was able to relocate in order to ensure that she had firsthand knowledge of the types of homes that would meet my needs and the communities that I would be most comfortable. We then were in touch via both phone and her Internet site, on which she posted potential properties for rental. This was very helpful. When I was in town to view the properties and to decide on one, she was both flexible and generous with her time. After we identified my top choice, she worked with the listing realtor in order to ensure that everything went smoothly. It has. She is both professional and very personable and, most notably, took my interests into account to find the home that I have rented. She is outstanding.